Saturday, 24 April 2010 I miss that Fragrant Harbour............

I have been working hard. So I have missed blogging and doing YT vids. But there's been nothing better than from a long and hard day at work, coming back home and relaxing watching other YT vids and reading blogs.

There's loads I want to say and video - but I am just a bit tired. I've bought a few things and treated myself to a massage at a spa - all great pick me ups to reward myself.

...but in the main I am missing my family and Hong Kong life. I just want a change of scenery, bit of convenience and to be back in the arms of family. I'll be flying outt at the end of this week and am very much looking forward to it. Fingers crossed the volcano behaves : D

So, I've compiled my hols beauty list....

1. Check out Asian brands like RMK, Sofina, Sonia Rykiel, Shiseido Maquillage, Shu Uemura, Cle de Peau etc
2. Check out Mario Badescu (lemming Glycolic wash)
3. Check out Sasa, Angel Cosmetics and other non-descript shops
4. new MAC collections if Hong Kong gets them as I'll miss out on the launch of Pret a Papier in London

.....any suggestions from my readers?


  1. AH I'm going to Hong Kong in June, where are the best Mac stores/slash general shopping ares??

    Also is there a Sephora store there? I'm so excited!

    Hope you enjoy your trip
    Laura x

  2. You should also try Ipsa. One of my dear friends in Hong Kong told me they have good foundation. I haven't tried it. Have a great time in Hong Kong. I miss my home too. Look forward to seeing videos or pictures if you are going to take any.

  3. I think you should forget about makeup, if it happens to cross your way great but if not dont stress about it! just enjoy your family and relax!

    oh.. by the way i hear that they have great spa's there!!!! have as many as you can, a friend told me that she got a honey facial and it was amazing.. but i dont know where exactly. maybe it was in her town only.

    The main focus in my opinion is Relax! treat yourself to your family and enjoy every single moment with them. Get your battery all charged up and come back to us with lots and lots of videos!! :))))))

  4. You could check out BB creams.
    Have fun!! =)